About Us

About Our Company

LRCC Global is a business consulting and training solutions provider based in Miami, Florida. Formed by certified business coach Lorena Rosario, a renowned name in the business coaching and leadership sphere, the organization facilitates enhanced outcomes for emerging businesses. As the founder and CEO of the company, Lorena lends her valuable expertise regarding aspects including executive training, recruitment, budgeting and business development to LRCC Global. She and her associates guide business organizations towards intelligent decision making, higher efficiency and achieving measurable growth.

LRCC Global focuses on identifying key hurdles faced by emerging businesses and offering precise solutions to generate favorable outcomes. The company works with a diverse range of clients across several key industry sectors including technology, manufacturing, services and hospitality. What sets LRCC Global apart from its competitors is Lorena’s dedication to creating unique and actionable strategies for each client. For more than two decades, she has helped numerous businesses improve their capabilities and compete for industry dominance. LRCC Global’s result-driven solutions can empower your business and push it ahead of key competitors.

Reliable Business Coaching and Consulting in Miami

The methods of coaching used by LRCC Global include video, phone and email at times convenient for its clients. In addition, businesses can also avail on-demand, in person and one-on-one coaching sessions if the need arises. Workshop sessions can also prove beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs. LRCC Global can improve all facets, right from your entire workflow and business-critical processes, to the performances of individual employees.

Miami business owners can rely on LRCC Global solutions for highly effective training that facilitates better performance and enhanced service capabilities. If your business needs a better roadmap for success and growth, Lorena and her team of experts can help. Combining tired-and-tested business approaches with ingenious modern strategies, LRCC Global raises sustainability and profitability. Clients can avail a diverse array of solutions including business development consulting, leadership assessment and coaching, and group coaching.

Custom Business Development Consulting Solutions

LRCC Global takes a holistic approach towards developing each aspect of your organization that is holding you back. By grooming leaders and their teams for bigger prospects, Lorena and her team get businesses ready for benchmark efficiency. Since every business has different short and long-term goals, LRCC Global customizes its services to attain the best possible outcomes. The company performs a thorough analysis of an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, to recommend the best form of coaching or consulting services.

Clients can expect complete transparency and integrity from LRCC Global at all times. Lorena and her skilled group of coaches are always aware of the latest trends ruling the business world. It helps and comes up with fresh and impactful consulting solutions. Coaching methods and technicalities are also upgraded periodically to match the latest core skill requirements across sectors. Over the years, Lorena has turned around the fortunes of various struggling businesses with her expertise.

LRCC Global continues to grow with the strength and ingenuity of its services in Miami. Whether you are already a business head seeking even better leadership qualities, or run an organization requiring expert consultancy solutions, Lorena and her expert team can come to your aid.